Our work

Our Mission:

To provide newborn orphans -- primarily those who lost their mother in childbirth - with reliable compassionate care for the crucial first two years of life. Most of our children come from very simple village settings where the remaining family can not provide care for newborns.

  • Provide quality care to newborns

    • Babies receive formula for the first year of life​

    • One-on-one care provided by binti with oversight of staff

    • Medical care and medical insurance

    • Playtime and toys to help with development

  • Disciple bintis

    • Daily devotions​

    • Weekly prayer meeting

    • Bible studies and seminars

  • Education and skill building classes for bintis

    • Literacy classes

    • Training in farming

    • Sewing classes

    • Training in proper infant care, nutrition, good hygiene, etc.