Farming & Construction Projects

Bustani - Vegetable Garden

One of the grants we received was used to improve the orphanage vegetable gardens. The grant exceeded our expectation and allowed us to build 8 raised beds with a drip irrigation system. With the additional funds we were able to purchase tools to complete the project ourselves, buy a trailer to pull behind the orphanage care to haul soil & fertilizer and buy a bigger water tank. The bintis come daily to the garden to harvest food used in the orphanage kitchen. By growing our own food we have access to a wider variety of vegetables than what is normally available at our weekly market. 


The Berega Orphanage has a few small plots to use for farming. We are training the bintis in various farming methods so that they can return home with the knowledge and skills for them to successfully raise food for their families. If you have skills in farming we'd love for you to come and teach us new methods or ways of farming.

Volunteers are also appreciated to paint or do murals at the orphanage to keep the buildings looking their best. There are also occasional construction projects that need to be completed. Currently we are planning to build sidewalks to connect the buildings and are fundraising to build a fence around the property. If you are interested in helping with these projects please contact us.

Summer Volunteers 2018

Staff house painted by Muenstermann family.

Digging holes for the tires in our play area

Staff house painted by Muenstermann family.


This summer a variety of families and teams came to Berega Orphanage to help with construction and painting projects. The Muenstermann family was one of the first families to visit. They painted the outside of one of the staff houses and the office while they visited. 

The Cyprian family came to visit for a few days after completing work with a medical team in the city. They brought new baby swings to install in the play area and buried tires for the kids to play on.
Every other year a group from BREAD visits Berega to help out with a variety of projects. This year the group from BREAD painted the tires in the playground, painted a bright, beautiful mural on the baby house and helped lay sidewalks around the orphanage to connect the main buildings. 

We are so thankful for all of the volunteers who came to help and spent time getting to know the babies, bintis and staff!

Volunteers from Pioneer Bible Translators in Morogoro Town came in June 2016 to teach us how to build keyhole gardens. The gardens use less water and the raised beds help protect the plants from the neighborhood chickens and pigs. The group built 2 gardens and taught us how to build more gardens ourselves. We have already been harvesting a variety of greens, tomatoes and green peppers from the gardens for use at the orphanage.

Work on the first keyhole garden.

Building the 2nd keyhole garden.

The seed beds.

Work on the first keyhole garden.