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Our Mission: To provide newborn orphans -- primarily those who lost their mother in childbirth - with reliable compassionate care for the crucial first three years of life. Most of our children come from very simple village settings where the remaining family can not provide care for newborns.

Covid-19 Preparations


New procedures were also implemented to receive new babies and their caregivers. We had the opportunity to put the new policies into practice when Angel, our newest arrival, joined the orphanage at the beginning of April. Since then we’ve been able to add additional safeguards to ensure that those already living at Patmo aren’t put at risk when new babies come to live at the orphanage. It has been a team effort with staff and bintis making suggestions and helping us to come up with the safest way to continue providing families with assistance during their time of need.

The rainy season and our raised beds are a true blessing right now. The bintis, Daniel and Robati have been working hard to keep the gardens thriving and tend the fields. It is our hope that the orphanage will be able to raise enough produce to not only feed the toddlers and bintis but also our staff. By reducing the need to leave to shop, we are able to reduce the risk of coming into contact with someone sick with Covid-19.


The orphanage director Tisho has been busy meeting with staff and the bintis to develop and share new policies and procedures to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. It was determined that the biggest risk of illness would be staff coming and going for their shifts. Our amazing staff agreed to move onto the orphanage property and remain indefinitely once Covid-19 spread to Morogoro Region. The virus first was diagnosed in a patient in Morogoro around mid-April. All staff were given about 2 weeks to try and prepare, harvest their fields, stock up on supplies and move into the compound. Many have left their immediate families in order to continue caring for the infants and toddlers at Patmo. We are so thankful for the sacrifice and commitment of our staff!

We are also so proud of our bintis and Daniel’s wife Martha, who have done an amazing job of sewing masks. They began by sewing enough for every binti, staff member and staff family member to have two masks each. They also sewed masks for some of our older children. Once they finished sewing all of those masks they continued to sew masks and provide them free to anyone in our village who conducts business, whether in a store, at the market or walking up and down the street selling produce. They have sewn 136 masks and will continue sewing masks until our supplies run out. We were even able to donate a mask to be used as an example to a group in Morogoro Town that wanted to sew and donate masks in the city.

Upadate -Fence and Dairy Project

The remaining gates were recently made and installed with funds received from BREAD. We were grateful to be able to put the gates and up and fully secure the orphanage compound before Covid-19 really began spreading in the country. Until the Corona outbreak has passed the gates will remain locked to prevent possible spread into the orphanage from visitors.

In mid-March we were able to travel to Lushoto and visit Irente Farms to learn about making butter, yogurt and cheese. We were given the opportunity to see and ask questions as someone made mozzarella cheese and also heard about how to make butter, yogurt and a variety of other cheeses. Hopefully in 2021 we can begin purchasing some of the necessary equipment to begin making butter and yogurt. If that endeavor is successful we may also begin making mozzarella.

During our furlough in the US we will be visiting area farms and small businesses to learn how to make additional varieties of dairy products, including goat cheese. Our goal continues to be running a profitable dairy that can then in turn fund the bintis educational programs and routine maintenance of the orphanage property.

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