We Are

Our Mission: To provide newborn orphans -- primarily those who lost their mother in childbirth - with reliable compassionate care for the crucial first three years of life. Most of our children come from very simple village settings where the remaining family can not provide care for newborns.



Since April we have had 6 newborns and their caregivers arrive at the orphanage. Please pray for their grieving families, the health and well-being of the newborns and the caregivers as they adjust to life in Berega.


Upadate -Fence and Dairy Project

The remaining gates were recently made and installed with funds received from BREAD. We were grateful to be able to put the gates and up and fully secure the orphanage compound before Covid-19 really began spreading in the country. Until the Corona outbreak has passed the gates will remain locked to prevent possible spread into the orphanage from visitors.

In mid-March we were able to travel to Lushoto and visit Irente Farms to learn about making butter, yogurt and cheese. We were given the opportunity to see and ask questions as someone made mozzarella cheese and also heard about how to make butter, yogurt and a variety of other cheeses. Hopefully in 2021 we can begin purchasing some of the necessary equipment to begin making butter and yogurt. If that endeavor is successful we may also begin making mozzarella.

During our furlough in the US we will be visiting area farms and small businesses to learn how to make additional varieties of dairy products, including goat cheese. Our goal continues to be running a profitable dairy that can then in turn fund the bintis educational programs and routine maintenance of the orphanage property.