We Are

Our Mission: To provide newborn orphans -- primarily those who lost their mother in childbirth - with reliable compassionate care for the crucial first two years of life. Most of our children come from very simple village settings where the remaining family can not provide care for newborns.

Merry Christmas!

With all of the busyness of construction projects and changes going on at the orphanage this year we decided to have a small Christmas party just for staff, their families, the binitis and babies instead of putting on a big Christmas party. We wanted everyone to be able to celebrate Christmas in a relaxed, fun way instead of having to worry about a few hundred guests! The kids had art projects and the staff and bintis practiced to sing a number of beautiful songs. The pastor of our local church came to share a Christmas message with us all. It was a wonderful way to celebrate!

Fence and Dairy Project

At the end of last summer we had barely started our fence and dairy goat project. We are now 85% finished! To learn more about our progress and see pictures, visit our stories page.

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